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Interested in adopting a Living Legend? The American Wild horse or "Mustang" can be your next best friend or riding partner. Have doubts about training a mustang? Would you like to own a gentled mustang? We have the program for you! Keep reading....

Rebecca is an approved Mustang Heritage Foundation TIP (Trainer Incentive Program) trainer. The TIP programs allows the approved adopter to adopt a gentled mustang through the Bureau of Land Management's adopt a horse program. Mustangs in the TIP program are mares and geldings, usually 3-6 years of age and tend to be bay, black, sorrel, or grey. Rarely we get loudly colored horses in the program, or 2 year olds. The definition of gentled through the MHF web site is; Halter broke, leading, picking up all four feet, and loading in a trailer. So all TIP mustangs will be gentled before leaving Rodden Equine.

Rodden Equine offers addtional work with these TIP mustangs for no extra fee. We teach the horse to tie, longe, yield hind quarters and fore quarters, and sometimes accept saddle and bridle(depending on time available). Additional saddle training can be purchased for an additional training fee. Contact us FMI. 502-724-5407

Here are some of the horses we have had in the TIP program or currently have in the TIP program.


 2 year old Sorrel gelding from Oregon! Ask us for an adoption application! 


Available! 2 year old NV Gelding, Louis Blaze! Ask me for an adoption Application!

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