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"Rebecca, Thank you for the amazing job you did with Guinness"

Jessie Devuyst

August 2012


"I was just sending you an update on TIP horse Knight, he is doing great, getting along with the other horses, and following me around like a puppy dog! Thanks!"

Ashley Parker

March 2012

Dry Ridge, Ky

"Finally got home with Findlay. She made the trip in one piece. Thanks so much to Rebecca Rodden...she did a wonderful job and mom got to ride her to boot. "

Shawanda Holbrook

February 2012

Ashland, Ky

"Rebecca has a gift with horses!"

Joyce Young

Louisville, Ky

"Unfortunately, I didn't catch one pic of instructor Rebecca Rodden(at the show), but the success our girls had today couldn't have happened without her. You rock, Rebecca!"

Katie Caswell

September 2011

Louisville, Ky

"You are our Kentucky Horse Whisperer...Zane, Julie and I sure do appreciate you and ALL that you have had to do, to be who you are today! In the meantime, I'm working on not only being a loving horse owner...but loving/assertive one...thanks Rebecca"

Karen Phipps Humphrey

Louisville, Ky

"I am a retired professional horse person. Now I only raise horses to sell or enjoy myself.I have a mixed bag of types from Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and Haflingers. Rebecca has been a great help to me with many of my horses. She likes all kinds of horses and gets inside each ones head and seems to understand what they think.She has handled some of my babies starting them in the round pen as well as further schooling a broke horse.One horse she broke to ride turned out to be a great filly. Rebecca has a good attitude and does her best in every situation.

Keep up the good work!"


Valerie Blethen

Breeze Hill Farm

Pleasureville, Ky

"I feel so very fortunate to have found Rebecca! She trained my horse in dressage and to drive; and while he was there, his attitude changed and he became so much calmer and easier to handle. She treats all of the horses at her facility as if they were her own,

which made me very happy. All of us are concerned about the people we choose to take care and train our animals, and I was extremely happy with Rebecca and the results she achieved with my horse. I would recommend her to anyone, whether you are looking for riding lessons, looking for a trainer, or looking for a place to board equine partner.

She's the best!"

Cathy Edens

Louisville, Ky

"Great confidence builder-I can't wait for my next lesson, Really takes the time to get to know each rider and horse, and how to further the relationship between the two -Does not discriminate by age of horse or rider, and level of riding, breed or discipline.

-Barn atmosphere is fun and everyone is easy to get along with. I look forward to going to the barn every chance I get to interact with not only my horse Nito, but my fellow barn buddies!

Angela Decker

Louisville, Ky

"Rebecca Rodden has been a great teacher. Over a period of 9 months, Rebecca has taught me so much about horses.

From not being able to ride when I first began, to learning to jump and then eventually owning my own horse,Rebecca has taught me everything I know!!! She is very talented and passes that on to all her students!"

Hannah Long

Shelbyville, Ky

"Rebecca is patient and good with kids. I wish I could ride every day!"

Meredith Booth

Louisville, Ky

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