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Mustangs have always captured Rebecca's imagination from the time she was very small. This interest was catapulted in 2008 when Rebecca was accepted for her first Extreme Mustang Makeover. Rebecca has since competed in 4 makeovers; 2008 EMM, 2009 Gatorland Makeover, 2011 TN EMM, and the 2012 TN EMM. Rebecca also has a student (Gillian Tolbert) that competed and placed Top Ten in the 2014 TN Youth EMM. Rebecca feels as though mustangs are such a big part of Rodden Equine that she wanted to devote a page to them and mustangs in general. This page is for information on the mustangs that are currently in training with Rodden Equine or have been trained at Rodden Equine, as well as other inportant information(adoption, training, differences in mustang herd characteristics, as well as very successful mustangs). Please click on the hyperlinks to get more information on each subject!

If you are interested in adopting a mustang please understand the time and effort it will take to gentle one of these guys right off the range. Mustangs are amazingly hardy, versatile, and beautiful horses but do require a higher level of expertise to gentle; in the beginning. Rebecca is an Approved TIP trainer    that has trained, literally, hundreds of horses from start to finish and can definitely help you with the training process.

Rodden Equine always has multiple mustangs at the facility; Mustangs in training, Mustangs we own, and TIP Mustangs.Please ask us about the TIP program and adoption.

Some of the Mustangs currently in our program, or that have been through our program:

(We have been gentling mustangs since 2002)

Bucephalus(2008 Extreme Mustang)- 2005, 15.3hh(Yes he's that tall!) Black Nevada Gelding from Wheeler Pass HMA

Tyche- 2020 Onaqui Utah Filly

Meta-Morpheous aka "Morrie" 2011 TN Extreme Mustang Makeover Horse! :)

Hombre- 2007 14.2hh Grulla Pryor Mountain Mustang Stallion

Echo- 2009 Strawberry Roan filly from Hog Creek HMA

Roman- 2005 14.3hh Bay Nevada mustang gelding (This horse has been sold and is now competing in recognized 3 day Events!)

Merlin- 2005 14.3hh Bay with chrome California mustang gelding- ( This horse has been sold and is now entertaining crowds at the world famous Ky Horse Park! )

Gina 2009 Chestnut Nevada filly(Proudly owned by Kristyn Williams)

Khaleesi 5 year old South Steens Mare.

Rebecca's very first Mustang!Adopted Summer 2002 RIP Terra (This little filly was only with Rebecca a short time due to illness, but her loving, kind personality had a truely lasting effect)

If you are interested in adopting a mustang, there are many in need of homes. Please feel free to contact Rebecca( or click on any of the hyperlinks above to get more information.

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