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Rodden Equine would like to take the time to express our goals and philosophies on training, riding instruction, and boarding to better provide any potential clients the opportunity to see if our facility might work for you!

Mission Statement: "Provide excellent training, excellent instruction, a clean/safe facility, as well as promote the trainability and usability of the American Mustang horse; while having the welfare of the horse as the top priority."

Training: Rodden Equine strives to provide excellent training for your horse regardless of age, sex, or previous training. We like to make sure your horse is safe and happy for you to enjoy. Rodden Equine will work with each horse on an individual basis, provide an excellent groundwork foundation, and progress through advanced level riding(both Western and English) should you wish to have your horse trained to an advanced level. We go at the horse's pace. Too many times steps have been left out or just ignored to pass the horse through. We take the time each horse needs to learn each new concept and progress as they are able. Rodden Equine wants you to have a great relationship with your horse so we provide lessons for each rider after the horse has been trained.

We believe and train with herd dynamics in mind. If you are too hard you will create fear, if you are too soft you will create a lack of respect. We use some Natural Horsemanship techniques coupled with alot of Dressage concepts. Build trust, Earn respect, Require discipline.

Riding Instruction: Rodden Equine would like our students to get the most out of riding lessons. Although we want you to enjoy the lessons, our first priority is safety. Rodden Equine feels students should be ready to concentrate and learn while in their lesson. Trailer-in lessons available with your horse, or travel lessons (travel fee applies).

Boarding: Rodden Equine strives to offer a quiet, clean, and safe facility for your equine partner. We feel horses should be horses and are turned out on a daily basis in a herd environment. We have limited availability for pasture boarding for well-behaved, UTD mares or geldings. Contact us for availability/waitlist.

Feel free to contact us regarding any of these policies if you feel Rodden Equine might be the place for your Equine needs.

502-724-5407 or 

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